Helmut Schleicher
                           Selected Chapters of Petrology
granite petrology of Eastern Desert, Egypt, zircon typology of Eastern Desert granites, isotope geochemistry of South Indian carbonatites, Tamil Nadu carbonatite, carbonatitic melt inclusions in apatite, monazite dating of South Indian carbonatite, alkaline ring complexes of Africa, petrology of El Khafa ring complex, mineral chemistry of the Larvik ring complex Norway, Cenozoic alkaline volcanism of Madagascar, Itasy volcanic field Madagascar, clinopyroxene megacrysts from Kaiserstuhl and Montagne d'Ambre, ultramafic xenoliths from Kamchatka, planar deformation features (PDF) in Buntsandstein from SW Germany, opening of the Indian Ocean, petrology Connemara marbles Ireland, petrology Madagascar

Prof. Dr. Helmut Schleicher
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Helmut Schleicher combined classical petrography, geochemistry, isotope geochemistry and geochronology to understand petrologic processes mainly in the fields of granite petrology, carbonatites and alkaline igneous rocks. Also high grade metamorphic rocks (eclogites) have been targets of his petrologic research.

In 1976 he earned his PhD from the University of Freiburg with a thesis on granite-porphyries of the Black Forest, and in 1986 he received his postdoctoral lecture qualification with a habilitation treatise dealing with the isotope geochemistry of the Kaiserstuhl alkaline volcanic rocks and carbonatites. He worked at the Mineralogical Institutes of the Universities of Freiburg and Heidelberg, the "Laboratorium für Geochronologie" at Heidelberg, the "Zentrallaboratorium für Geochronologie" at the University of Münster and the Mineralogical Institute at the University of Hamburg, Germany. From 1994 to 2012 Helmut Schleicher hold the chair of Petrography at the University of Hamburg. Between 1999 and 2003 he was Vice Dean, and between 2003 and 2006 Dean of the Department of Geosciences.